The Ben Simmons Rookie Card could be worth $150,000

Ben Simmons

The Ben Simmons Rookie Card is gold. Like, literally gold.


We don’t hear a lot about basketball cards in the general collecting space, but that’s about to change right now.

As reported by Bleacher Report, budding basketball card collector Wendell Williams has just discovered the 2016 – 2017 Ben Simmons Rookie Card. For those who are unaware, the Ben Simmons Rookie Card is the latest holy grail of basketball cards. Fans have feverishly been on the hunt for this card, and its recent discovery could potentially set new records in the collecting community.

And by records, we mean it could be as valuable as $150,000. Even if it’s sold well below this price, the Ben Simmons Rookie Card could still become one of the most expensive basketball cards ever made.

Some of you may be wondering how a trading card could possibly be this valuable. After all, it’s only about a year old, right? For starters, not only is Ben Simmons a rising star in the sports world, his corresponding card is one of a kind. And as part of the Panini Gold Standard series, it’s not exactly cheap to buy booster packs. To illustrate, Wendell bought the 7 card pack containing the holy grail for $150. We can only imagine the thousands that fans have spent in pursuit of this rare card.

Oh, and the Ben Simmons Rookie Card is literally made of 14 karat gold. We probably should have led with that.

Williams has since put the card on eBay, courtesy of consignment service Hoody’s Collectibles. The “Buy Now” price is listed at the aforementioned $150,000, and collectors have already been pitching high bids. The first major offer was for $89,000, and we imagine offers since then have gone even higher.

Funny enough, Williams isn’t actually sure if he does want to sell the card. Despite the eBay listing, Williams told Bleacher Report that he really just wanted to find any Ben Simmons Rookie Card. As a huge fan of the player, Williams couldn’t believe that he struck literal gold in his search.

“With the playoffs and where it’s at, Ben Simmons playing the way he is, and my love of the card, there could be $150,000 non-taxed in my face, and I don’t know if I would take it,” Williams told Bleacher Report. “I just love the card literally that much.”

In truth, Williams has the potential to cash in even harder on the card depending on how long he waits to sell it. As many collectors know, age can turn a five cent comic into a million dollar treasure. It only makes sense that a solid gold basketball card would follow the same rules, albeit at a slightly modified scale. For context, the second most valuable basketball card ever is the Topps 1970 Pete Maravich RC card, sold at $130,054. Pete Maravich is also a card that sold for $18,000 less than a decade prior. The Ben Simmons card could definitely surpass that in the right circumstances.

For the record, the #1 most valuable basketball card as of now is the 1948 Bowman George Mikan RC card. At $403,664, Williams would have to really play his cards right to usurp this throne.

Ben Simmons Phila

Even if Williams never sells the card, we can’t exactly blame him. Collecting, after all, is about finding stuff that makes you happy. Personally, I can’t imagine what owning one of the most valuable trading cards ever feels like, but I’ll certainly take Williams’ word for it.

Either way, this is one massively exciting piece of collecting history unfolding before our eyes. Even if you’re not a basketball fan, you’ll have to see how this one turns out.

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