Celebrity Inventory: Ice-T is a legendary gamer

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Does Ice-T have a video game collection?

Ice-T is a T.V. detective by day, a rapper by night, and a gamer 24/7.

It’s no secret that the Law and Order: SVU star loves gaming. In fact, he’s been gaming for longer than some of us have even been alive. He even chats about video games on his podcast Final Level. Normally we have to do some digging on Celebrity Inventory to find stars talking about their hobbies. But when it comes to Ice-T, you don’t need a shovel to unearth his enormous love of gaming.

So what, exactly, does Ice-T like to play? And more importantly, does Ice-T have a sweet game library in his mancave? Let’s dive into the words of the man himself.

Ice-T Far Cry 5

Right off the bat, we know that Ice-T is most likely collecting shooters these days.

We know he’s beaten Bioshock, he’s level 100 in Payday 2, and he was clearly hyped for Far Cry 5. Heck, he even voice acted in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Gears of War 3. And before you hit us with “starring in a video game doesn’t mean he likes it,” let us tell you that Ice really loves Grand Theft Auto.

“The Vice City games are the worst **** ever — in a good way.” Ice told the Guardian. “It’s so intentionally wrong that you’ve got to get into it. You go, ‘Oh my God, if I’m out of money I just rob a liquor store.'”

“Inside this world, all the things that you think about, you can do. Does that make you want to do it in real life? No. To me it diffuses it. People say video games make kids violent. I don’t think so. It can be an outlet for that aggression. It’s a masculine thing. Human beings have some weird blood lust, it roots back to us being animals. It’s ill, though.”

Ice-T Fallout 4

If Ice-T has a system of choice, we’d say he’s an Xbox guy. Proudly going by the name “Lord 187X,” Ice has a gamerscore of 38,540 to his name. Now, some of you might be thinking that 38,540 isn’t that high for someone who’s such a vocal gamer. To that, we’d point out that the average gamerscore is 11,286. Besides, a guy who proudly games between shoots of SVU may not necessarily be a completionist with achievements.

Let it not be said that Ice-T exclusively games on Xbox. Just recently, he was openly excited to check out God of War on the PS4. And better yet, Ice has said that Resident Evil is the game that got him into gaming. It’s no wonder a future T.V. detective would love a game starring Jill, the master of unlocking.


Of course, all of this is building up to our biggest burning question here at Gemr: Does Ice-T actually collect video games? Believe it or not, we actually have a smoking gun tweet.

Ice-T Gamer Stuff

Mortal Combat and Virtua(l) Fighter arcade cabinets? Yup, this guy collects. Being that he said he “used to have” them, it’s possible that he may have had to abandon his collection at some point. Still, it’s clear Ice-T at least had the video game collecting bug in him, if he doesn’t still.

Ice-T Chanel

So there we have it: a clean case of collecting here on Celebrity Inventory. Being that we’ve only sampled a handful of tweets from the man himself, it’s safe to say we’ve only scratched the surface of Ice-T’s gaming collection. What other amazing pieces of video game swag does the man hold? Perhaps the only one who knows is the man himself.

Game on, Ice-T, and keep loving what you love on the behalf of gamers everywhere. You may be occasionally confused on the set of SVU, but we’re certain you love gaming with all your heart.

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