How Valuable are Simpsons Collectibles?

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Find out what your Simpsons collectibles are worth


The Simpsons is an enduring cornerstones of pop culture, and it has the collectibles to prove it.

Seriously, what collectibles haven’t been covered by The Simpsons since 1989? You’ve got action figures, comic books, trading cards, video games, and that’s just scratching the surface. Let’s not forget that “Do The Bartman” was a real song co-written by king of pop Michael Jackson, and was sold on actual cassette tapes for people to buy. Needless to say, Simpsons collectors have been treated pretty well.

But now that The Simpsons is almost 30 years old, has any of its many collectibles become super valuable? Read below to find out what you should expect from your Simpsons collectibles.

There are holy grails, but good luck finding them.

Let’s get this out of the way: there’s at least one Simpsons figure that can stand toe-to-toe with some of the rarest Star Wars figures out there.

The “Save Blinky Bart” figure was part of a short-lived series of Simpsons figures by Mattel. Since these figures date all the way back to 1990, you could potentially make some money off of any of these collectibles in good condition. What makes Save Blinky Bart so rare is that it was a variant figure that was only made available through an obscure mail-in campaign. And if you want to know how successful that promotion in question was… well, there are only 3 known Save Blinky Bart figures in the entire world.

The last time Save Blinky Bart was sold online, it wound up fetching $1200. If only we knew how valuable this thing would one day become.

Aside from Save Blinky Bart, there aren’t that many other Simpsons holy grails out there. Both the classic Simpsons pinball machine and arcade game are worth good money, but not necessarily a ton more than other pinball machines and arcade cabinets. Yes, the pinball machine is worth over $5,000, but so are a lot of other pinball machines.

If you somehow own any of these, you definitely have some valuable items on hand. They just aren’t more valuable because they’re Simpsons collectibles.

The real money is in the memorabilia.

The truth is, most Simpsons collectibles aren’t worth that much today. Sure, if you’ve kept certain figures in great condition to this day, you could potentially get $50 to $100 selling them today. These are great numbers, but perhaps not the numbers hardcore collectors hoped for.

This is partially a testament to how beloved The Simpsons really is. The fact of the matter is, the most valuable collectibles are usually the ones no one wants when they’re released. With the exception of an obscure mail-in Bart figure, this means most Simpsons collectibles were loved by fans. They sold well enough to still be in abundance on the second hand market today, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

That said, if you somehow have an authentic piece of Simpsons memorabilia, then I’ve got some good news for you. For starters, original production Simpsons animation cels can be worth as little as $500 and as much as $2,500. And if you have a signed item, you’re looking at a minimum of $400 regardless of what you’re selling. Matt Groening’s signature can even turn a standard issue of The Simpsons comic into a $700 prized possession.

Case in point, look at the auction of the late Simpson’s co-creator Sam Simon’s estate. Of all the amazing pieces of memorabilia sold, one of the most valuable items was a sketch of Bart by Simon himself. Though it’s not very extravagant, it’s still a unique relic that bares Simon’s own art style (even if he wasn’t necessarily an artist). This alone gives the Bart sketch a value of roughly $1,500, which even exceeds the estimated value of The Simpson‘s Peabody Award.

Remember: it’s okay if your Simpsons collectibles aren’t very valuable.

Homer Funko

As we can see, the most valuable Simpsons collectibles are also the items you most likely don’t have. Signed items and production animation cels cost a lot of money, and if you have a Save Blinky Bart figure… let’s just say you’ll be getting a lot of emails from Simpsons fans.

But it’s important to remember that collectibles don’t exclusively exist to make us money in the future. Rather, they’re things that help us show our affection for the things we love. And since The Simpsons is already one of the most beloved animated shows ever created, it makes sense that a lot of us would have had corresponding action figures and posters growing up. If you were ever a Simpsons collector and you loved what you collected, then congratulations; your collectibles were worth the price you paid for them.

Basically what I’m trying to get at here is, if you don’t have a collection of valuable Simpsons collectibles, then don’t have a cow man. Remember your collection as fondly as you remember the first ten seasons of the show.

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