Fortnite figures are finally here, but can they satisfy fans?

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Were these Fortnite Figures worth the wait?


Fortnite is considered by many to be one of the defining games of 2018. The funny thing is, Fortnite released (albeit in early access) back in July of 2017.

I know, it seems like it was yesterday when we first heard about Epic Games’ alternative to Player Unknowns Battleground. But after a year and a half of Fortnite memes, memes that started as Fortnite memes, and literal lawsuits over dances, Fortnite is a bonafide cultural icon. Even people who don’t normally play video games are slurping chug jugs on mobile devices – it’s that pervasive.

Fortnite Thanos

Even Thanos was in it. He won half the games he was in.

With all of that said, it’s weird that it took us a literal year to get official Fortnite figures.

I mean, it’s seemed like Fortnite figures and collectibles have been around for forever already, right? We’ll get to that later, but let’s look at the official Fortnite figures we’re just now getting.

The inventible Fortnite Funko Pops

Fortnite Funko Raptor

Yes, Funko made sure to capitalize on Fortnite‘s popularity and got a wave of Pop! figures out in mid 2018. I’m sure your jaws are all on the floor in shock and awe.

Don’t get me wrong, we love Funko Pop! at Gemr. We’ve written extensively about why casual and serious collectors love Funko’s vinyl figures, and we even reviewed the cereal. The Fortnite Funko Pop! figures are exactly what you’d expect, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Two waves of Fortnite Pops have been released so far, and we imagine you’ll continue to find these things at your local Gamestop and Hot Topic well into 2019.

The Moose Toys Battle Royale Collection

Fortnite Moose Toys Raptor

Aside from Funko, one of the earliest Fortnite figure announcements came from the Australian based Moose Toys. These figures were billed as “Micro Collectibles,” as they’d be small toys that would appease both older collectors and younger kids.

It took a while for the aforementioned Micro Collectibles to hit the market, and the result is… hit or miss. Let’s take a look at their Bright Bomber figure.

Fortnite Moose Toys Bright Bomber

To be fair, this is an extreme example of cherry picking. The other figures released so far are a bit better, and they’re sold in sets of 2 for $10 a pack. Amazon reviews range from decent to scathing, but with 100 more figures allegedly coming in 2019, there’s still plenty of time for the Battle Royale collection to establish itself as the definitive line of cheap Fortnite figures

McFarlane Toys Fortnite Figures

Fortnite McFarlane Toys

Here for something beyond the $10 price range is the McFarlane toys’ take on the Fortnite universe. And unless Sideshow Collectibles wants to get the Fortnite license, this is the most high end stuff you’re going to find.

At roughly $25 a figure, McFarlane is giving collectors the visual treats they’d be looking for. They’re easy to pose figures, and like the Moose Toys figures, they come with stands for you to proudly display on your shelf. Each figure also comes with a lot of accessories, which gives you a bit more bang for your buck too. Reviews are sparse since these just launched in December, but feedback from collectors so far has been positive.

Jazwares’ Fortnite Figures

Jazwares Fortnite

Since the previous two Fortnite figure lines were announced at practically the same time, I almost let this article slip by without mentioning Jazwares’ contribution. Much like the McFarlane figures, these debuted in December in hopes of sliding under Christmas trees across the world.

For $13 a figure, these figures are a good middle ground of price and detail. They’re not quite as exquisite as the similarly priced Amiibo, but they do pack an impressive 19 points of articulation to compensate. Like the other figures mentioned so far, these come with attachable display stands that make them viable for kids and collectors alike.

Fortnite Loot Plush

Jazwares also gives us our first official Fortnite plush at a cheap $10, and I’m not going to pretend to be objective here. I love squeezing plush toys so much that I always buy them as gifts to give myself an excuse to play with them more. I give this plush a 10/10, so adjust this rating to fit your needs accordingly.

Were they worth the wait?

Fortnite Merry Marauder Funko

These Fortnite figures introduce an interesting dilemma. The timeline clearly shows that they were made to capitalize on the Christmas 2018 season, but the question is, did hardcore Fortnite players want them?

To fill the void for official Fortnite figures, fans have been making every Fortnite collectible that you could dream of. From party plates to controller skins to elaborate Cosplay costumes, if it exists, there is a Fortnite variant of it. Fortnite fans have had these options available for a full year before any official avenues were ever available, which makes it hard to say whether the hardest of the hardcore would bat an eye to any of these collectibles at this point.

Fortnite Squad McFarlane

On the other hand, for the vast legions of people who have recently skydived into the Fortnite fanbase, there are a lot of good options available here. McFarlane is the king of quality here, but anyone looking in the $10 – $15 price range has a lot to choose from. I’m sure there are already toys that I’ve failed to mention here, and if Fortnite continues on its current trajectory, we could see a lot more merchandise by the end of 2019.

Were these figures worth the wait? Well, it depends how long you’ve been waiting for them, really. Realistically speaking, maybe this was the earliest we could have gotten Fortnite figures once all the red tape was cleared to get them made. But regardless of what camp you fall in, you can at least rest easy knowing that what we have here is pretty good.

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