Celebrity Inventory: Shaq’s Superman Mansion

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Shaquille O’Neal’s got a deal for Superman fans

It’s been a hot minute since Celebrity Inventory got some love around here. But everyone loves a comeback story, and we’re ready to bring the luxurious lives of celebrity collectors back into the spotlight.

But you know who never left the spotlight? Shaquille O’Neal.

Most of us know Shaquille O’Neal – or Shaq for short – as the NBA champion from 1992 to 2011. Or if you aren’t into sports, you might better know Shaq as that guy in the Icy Hot commercials or the ridiculously memey shimmy gif. Or if you’re going to be that guy, you might associate Shaq with the cinematic masterpiece known as Kazaam. Either way, Shaq has been a major face of pop culture for decades, and all the while he’s proudly worn the nickname of “Superman.”

Do¬† you know why he’s known as Superman? Not because of his legendary career, but because he really, really loves Superman. How deep does his love go, you might ask? Well, I hope you’re sitting down.

The Shaq Superman Mansion.

Shaq Superman Bedroom

Short of making your entire estate in the shape of Superman himself, Shaq’s South Florida mansion is filled with love for the Man of Steel. It’s the type of mansion that Superman fans would have dreamed of as kids, but Shaq’s proven that you can’t let your dreams be dreams.

Everywhere you look, there’s Superman paraphernalia. If you go into his garage, you’ll see a Superman emblem above his car collection (which could earn a Celebrity Inventory on its own, but that’s for another day). Enter into his home theater, and you’ll see Superman posters and other memorabilia. In his bedroom, his sheets are custom fit with the Superman emblem (pictured above). There’s even some Superman in his basketball court, because of course his house has a basketball court.

With 31,000 square feet of ground to cover, it’s a tough task to brand a mansion as “Superman themed.” And while a net worth of $400 million makes that job easier, you can’t deny the love on display here.

His Signature Superman

The coup-de-grace of Shaq’s Superman collection isn’t in his house though. Venture onto Shaq’s dock and you’ll see an actual, life-size statue of Superman looking out towards the water. The detail is as robust as you’d expect, though it’s clearly a bit worn from being outside for so long. For reference, a lifesize figure from Sideshow Collectibles routinely runs for $8,000. I’m not saying Shaq’s Superman is worth that much, but it could easily fetch that price at auction if he as much as signed his name on it.

Shaq’s house only scratches the surface of his love for Superman. For example, many fans know that Shaq actually has “Man of Steel” tattooed on his arm. But even so, there is no doubt that the man’s love for Superman runs through his veins. And you know what the craziest part is? If you had an insane amount of wealth, you could own all of this right now.

Surprise, it’s on sale!

Shaq Mansion

As we regularly see on Celebrity Inventory, many celebrity collections are eventually sold. Sometimes it’s for charity, and other times the reasons aren’t disclosed. Either way, Shaq’s mansion is, indeed, on the market. Considering he’s owned the place since 1993, he’s undoubtedly had a good run with it.

Any buyer of the house would also inherit the grand majority of valuable memorabilia inside it. If you’ve ever wanted a larger than life mansion loaded with love for the father of superheroes, it could all be yours for just $21.9 million. If that seems expensive, look on the bright side: he originally had it listed for $28 million. That’s a savings of over 20%!

Obviously this mansion will only be purchased by a multi-millionaire, but at least the dream is alive for the rest of us in the meantime.

We’ve got your back, Shaq.

Shaq Superman

To the average person, it might seem strange to theme your lavish mansion after a superhero from 1938. But for all of us nerds and collectors, Shaq’s collection makes complete sense.

Our drive to collect is motivated by the things that make us happy. And even the most casual observer can see Superman makes Shaq very happy. The heroes we loved as kids become our connection to our childhoods, and no amount of money can replace the value of those memories. Shaq’s persona may be larger than life – and not just because he’s 7’1” – but we can all relate to his hardcore love of comic books. Seeing him so happy about his collection makes all of us happy too. In a way, he’s been collecting for all of us.

No matter when or where Shaq sells his home, we hope his new home is filled with Superman swag too. Or if he’s really feeling ambitious, he could hit up Nicholas Cage to find a copy of Action Comics #1. Either way, we’ll never stop being jealous.

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