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The amiibo that we’re dying for.

It’s official: amiibo is only second to Skylanders as the longest running Toys-To-Life franchise on the market.

We’ve talked in the past about how amiibo is still going strong. And with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate giving us a ton of new figures for 2019, amiibo collecting is as hot as ever. Still, there are so many iconic characters that haven’t gotten the amiibo treatment yet. The Solaire and Loot Goblin figures proved that third party characters are on the table, so what gaming legends could join the amiibo roster next? More importantly, what characters just make sense to become amiibo?

While everyone is going to have their personal favorites, here are our 10 characters that would be insta-buys as amiibo.

Toadette (Super Mario Bros.)


Mario characters are prolific among amiibo, and you’d think Toadette would be a shoe-in. She was a huge selling point of the recent New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, yet there was no Toadette amiibo to celebrate the game’s release.

Heck, even Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker would have been a good opportunity for a Toadette amiibo. It seems our favorite pink mushroom will have to wait another day.

Hades (Kid Icarus: Uprising)

With no new Kid Icarus game anywhere in sight, Hades unfortunately ranks low on this list. Still, he’s such a charming and hilarious god of destruction that he just deserves to be immortalized in Nintendo’s figure canon.

Heck, the fact that Kid Icarus‘ Hades is still funny and likable without imitating James Woods in Disney’s Hercules is enough reason to give this monster a figure.

Lyndis (Fire Emblem)

Fire Emblem Lyn

As prolific as Fire Emblem amiibo are, Lyndis’ absence still sticks out. As one of the first heroes many English Fire Emblem fans ever controlled, Lyndis holds a special place in our hearts. Heck, the fact that she was included in Fire Emblem Warriors‘ DS-centric cast is a testament to her popularity.

We’re holding our breath for a Fire Emblem 6/7 remake, but any new Fire Emblem game would be a great opportunity for a Lyndis amiibo. Even as much as a skin for Edelgard in Three Houses would be enough justification for the figure.

Junimo (Stardew Valley)


Stardew Valley is a multiplatform indie game, but it has gotten a lot of love on the Switch. Even creator Eric Barone describes seeing his game on a Nintendo console as “surreal.” So what better way to let Nintendo fans keep loving Stardew Valley than an amiibo to collect?

Though any of the game’s memorable characters would make a great figure, the Junimos are already a low-key mascot for the series. Plus they make great plush toys.

Slime (Dragon Quest)

Dragon Quest Slime

If amiibo collecting is driven by nostalgia, then Dragon Quest absolutely needs representation. It’s a series that spawned the jRPG genre as we know it, and its first six games were all tied to Nintendo consoles. With the Switch exclusive Dragon Quest XI S on the horizon, there’s never been a better time for an amiibo to drop.

Why a Slime, you may ask? Well, I mean, what better way to represent Dragon Quest‘s legacy than the monster that inspired low-level fodder in practically every fantasy game since? As much as I’d love Erdrick himself, Slime would be essential for any RPG focused amiibo collection.

Alucard (Castlevania)

Castlevania Alucard

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate blessed us with not one, but two figures from Castlevania. But as beloved as Simon and Richter are, it’s Dracula’s son who is arguably the most iconic character from the franchise.

Since the recent Symphony of the Night rerelease is exclusive to the PS4, there’s no obvious game an Alucard figure could tie in with. Still, his unique character design is just begging to be amiibo-fied. Even if scanning him just downloaded an episode the Castlevania Netflix series, Castlevania fans would have enough reason to want him.

Madeline (Celeste)

Madeline Celest

2018’s Celeste was the little indie game that could. While only a handful of gamers knew about it prior to its release, Celeste wound up winning Indie Game of the Year and sold over 500,000 copies. And most of those sales were on the Switch.

It’s not just the Switch sales that makes protagonist Madeline a great fit. Celeste‘s story touches on a lot of sensitive mental health issues, and Madeline’s struggle deeply resonated with many gamers. While most amiibo are heroic characters or friendly goofballs, Madeline presence on the roster would show that even those faced with inner mountains to climb can one day sit alongside legends. Or if none of that resonates with you, Madeline’s a good choice because she’s just adorable.

Zero (Mega Man X)

Mega Man Zero

Mega Man is no stranger to amiibo by now. We have three different blue bomber figures in circulation, and one of them is a borderline holy grail. The market is hungry for more Mega Man, and it’s time we give some love to other favorites from the franchise.

Mega Man X‘s Zero is a logical next step. The Mega Man X Collection has been a huge success, and there have been major rumors about a new X game. It’s been a long time since Zero has been in the spotlight, and a new amiibo would be a great way to kick off a resurgence of the X series. Capcom has been on a roll recently, so let’s hope they knock this one out of the park.

Eevee (Pokémon)


I had to double, triple, and quadruple check the list of available amiibo before I included Eevee here. Seriously, how the heck have we not gotten an Eevee amiibo!?

It’s one of the most beloved Pokémon in the series canon, and it was the face of 2018’s major Pokémon release. Eevee even brings a lot of potential for integration in future Nintendo games. It just seems like such an obvious choice that an Eevee amiibo feels like a matter of when, not if. If Detective Pikachu can get a jumbo amiibo and its own movie, Nintendo’s at least needs to give Eevee a figure.

Wolverine (Marvel)


Okay, I know putting Wolverine here borderline discredits this list. But before the pitchforks come out, I want to argue why a Wolverine amiibo actually makes the most sense out of any figure on this list.

Here’s why: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.

Announced at the 2018 game awards, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 was a massive shock on so many levels. Not only is it a revival of a decade old franchise, but it’s a Nintendo Switch exclusive that’s published by Nintendo. Sure, it’s not quite a marriage of Marvel and Nintendo, but Nintendo has built its brand on making impossible fan dreams a reality. I mean, how else do you explain Persona 5‘s Joker being Smash Bros. DLC despite not even appearing on a Nintendo console?

When you’ve already pushed the envelope so far, something like a Wolverine amiibo would be just the ticket to get that huge reaction out of fans once again. But it wouldn’t be just Marvel fan service: Wolverine is a gaming legend in his own right. X-Men games were prolific in the retro era, and Wolverine is one of the most iconic fighters in Marvel vs. Capcom series. Even gamers who never picked up a comic book have some attachment to Wolverine. And besides, when’s our next opportunity to get a claw-user as an amiibo anyway?

Marvel Vs Capcom Wolverine

As strong as the amiibo brand may be, there are few collectors more dedicated than Marvel collectors. And as a game collector myself, I’d love a figure to share with my fellow comic book fans. While this may not be as ambitious of a crossover as Infinity War, it makes at least as much sense as putting Wolverine in Kingdom Hearts. So really, the moral of this story is that Wolverine needs to be in everything. Including my amiibo collection.

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