Celebrity Inventory: Rod Stewart Lets Off Steam With Model Trains

Rod Stewart

Rock legend Rod Stewart, AKA Rod “The Model Train” Stewart.


Few musicians epitomize fame and success like Rod Stewart.

Seriously, even if you’ve somehow gone your whole life without ever turning on a radio, you probably know Rod Stewart. The guy began his musical career as a teenager back in the 60s, produced a ridiculous number of hit singles, and is still going strong today. And he’s in his 70s! His accomplishments have been well documented in magazines like Rolling Stone, and he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame back in 1994. Oh, and he’s a knight. Because of course he’s a knight.

Yet despite his literal rock star resume, Rod Stewart doesn’t necessarily pride himself on his musical career. At least, he might not as much as he does in one particular hobby he keeps. Despite the man’s dizzying accomplishments that us mere mortals can only pretend to comprehend, Rod Stewart’s true genius is displayed in his model train collection. And like many collections we cover on Celebrity Inventory, this is a collection that must be seen to be believed.

Rod Stewart With Model Trains

By our calculations, Rod Stewart has been collecting and customizing model train sets for at least 30 years now. But to the general public, Rod Stewart’s model train collection made its grand debut in the December 2007 issue of Model Railroader. While some celebrities are content to preserve rare finds in mint condition, Stewart showed he was all-in with the hobby with a display featuring elaborate train routes, a full blown cityscape brimming with life, and plenty of trees and vehicles. You’d think he was a full time city planner!

When reflecting on his respective feature in Model Railroader, Stewart said “It means more to me to be on the cover of Model Railroader than to be on the cover of a music magazine.”

Stewart would make a habit of appearing in Model Railroader about every three years. It’s an honor that he calls “better than Rolling Stone.”

Rod Stewart Model Trains

That said, Rod Stewart is very secretive about his model train collection. In fact, the folks at Model Railroader may be the only people who have seen it in person outside of friends and family members. During the filming of his documentary,Can’t Stop Me Now, Stewart forbade the crew from filming his model train collection. Spanning the entire third floor of his mansion, Stewart said he’d prefer to keep collection private. Or at least, mostly private.

“There are very few places that I like to keep private,” Stewart commented, “that’s one of them.”

That said, Rod Stewart has reportedly made a film about his collection. News of the film broke at the beginning of 2019, but no copy of the film has surfaced since then. Only time will tell if we’ll get a full video tour of his collection after all.

Rod Stewart Model Trains

Unfortunately, because Stewart is so secretive about his collection, there isn’t much more to stay about his model trains. That said, as much as we love to highlight collections on Celebrity Inventory, there’s nothing wrong with being a bit secretive either. The glimpses that we’ve seen are straight up uncanny in their attention to detail, so there’s no denying the guy’s passion. At the same time, collecting is all about what makes you happy. Most of us on Gemr love showing off the stuff we collect, but there’s nothing wrong with keeping a private collection to retreat into after a busy day. Don’t get me wrong, I’m dying to show off more footage of Stewart’s collection, but it looks like Model Railroader has that on lock until his movie comes out.

Either way, not only is Rod Stewart a legend, but he’s the kind of collector that many of us aspire to be. So from all of us at Gemr, here’s to Rod Stewart for his incredible, decades long collection. While his collection is almost certainly worth crazy amounts of money, we’re sure his model trains are worth more to Stewart that all the money in the world. Or at least worth more than all the add-on content in Train Simulator.

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