5 Things We’d Love In A Detective Pikachu Sequel

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The Detective Pikachu sequel is more than inevitable, and here’s what we want from it.


NOTE: The following contains mild spoilers for Detective Pikachu. For a spoiler-free alternative, check out our last blog on Detective Pikachu.

We’ve had the chance to see Detective Pikachu, and the fans agree: it’s a critical hit. We discussed how professional critics were mixed, but the strong box office numbers don’t lie. It even has a strong A- rating on audience benchmark site Cinemascore.

All this success begs the question: what can we expect in the Detective Pikachu sequel? We know a sequel began production before the movie even released, and the goodwill Detective Pikachu has earned makes it likely that part 2 come to fruition. However, since the movie doesn’t really set up a sequel, we have no idea what a Detective Pikachu 2 could bring.

It’s safe to say we won’t be learning any details about the Detective Pikachu sequel any time soon. But now that we’ve seen the first movie, here are five things we would love to see in a Part 2.

5: More Pokémon interactions.

Detective Pikachy Psyduck

Detective Pikachu crams an impressive amount of Pokémon into its relatively brief run time. However, Pikachu and Psyduck are the clear highlights. Sure, Ryan Reynolds makes every scene with Pikachu shine,  but the Pokémon canon rarely allows for monsters to interact so personably like this. This is made all the better by Psyduck’s personality being thoroughly informed by the series’ existing lore.

A Detective Pikachu sequel could really run wild with all the ways Pokémon interact with each other, even as just background jokes. There’s already a ton of imaginative scenes with Pokémon and humans interacting, and more Pokémon interactions is the logical evolution of that same creative conceit.

4: Developed human characters.

Detective Pikachu Lucy

My biggest complaint about Detective Pikachu was the human characters. Protagonist Tim and Pikachu are great together, but the other human characters are a bit flat. Even Lucy, Tim’s pseudo love interest, feels like a mere plot device at times.

A Pokémon movie should obviously feature the actual pocket monsters first and foremost. But even a little extra love to the supporting human characters could make a Detective Pikachu sequel legendary.

3: Established Pokémon trainers.

Lorelei Elite Four

This suggestion comes with a bit of a caveat. Detective Pikachu succeeded because it wasn’t just a live action Pokémon Yellow. A Detective Pikachu sequel should be no different. But now that we have one successful movie under our belts, how awesome would it be to see some fan favorite Pokémon trainers brought to the silver screen?

After all, the movie basically confirms it’s part of the larger Pokémon canon with the details we learn about Mewtwo’s origins. So why wouldn’t someone like Lance or Lorelei visit Ryme city to take care of important business? Sure, an obvious cameo like Gary Oak would be hype too, but frankly, Pokémon mainstays deserve their own movies if they’re going to be in one at all.

2: A proper Pokémon battle.

Detective Pikachu Mewtwo

Detective Pikachu gives us glimpses into live action Pokémon battles, and they’re glorious. I could feel the goosebumps as Pikachu and Mewtwo started hurling attacks at each other in the final act, but that epic battle quickly turned into general hijinks faster than I expected. Don’t get me wrong, Tim’s fistfight with a certain plot twist was great and imaginative. Yet part of me was hoping that Pikachu would show off more moves than Volt Tackle.

Detective Pikachu cleverly subverts the usual “Pokémon trainer” trope by revolving around the coexistence of humans and Pokémon. I wouldn’t want a Detective Pikachu sequel to change that, but… maybe just one “Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!” could sneak into the final draft.

1: More Ryme City.

Detective Pikachu Ryme City

Look, Pikachu’s a star, but Ryme City steals the show in Detective Pikachu. In fact, longtime Pokémon fans could watch the movie again and again just finding new subtle details and callbacks in every shot. I can’t imagine the level of world building that went into bringing this city to life, but the end result is spectacular. Heck, I’d love to see a canon Pokémon game take place in the movie version of Ryme City!

Ultimately, a Detective Pikachu sequel doesn’t have to be like the first movie. It could even forego Ryme City altogether! But as long as it retains the deep love for the source material that made Ryme City so great, the Detective Pikachu sequel will be on the right track. Here’s hoping that Detective Pikachu sequel is just as significant a jump for the franchise as the original Generation 2.

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