Should You Collect Steelbook Cases?

Avengers Steelbook cases collection

Why Steelbook cases are so popular.


Move over Funko Pop, because there’s a new gateway drug to hardcore collecting in town.

If you collect video games or movies, you’ve probably noticed a particular trend emerging in pre-orders and special edition packages. Yes, Steelbook cases have become one of the most popular add-ons you can get, and there’s a good reason: collectors love them. What is it about Steelbooks that make them so special, and is it worth your time to collect them?

Well buckle up, because here’s your crash course on everything you need to know about Steelbook cases.

What is a Steelbook case?

Harty Potter Steelbook Cases

As the name implies, a Steelbook case is a metal case to hold your movie or your video game. These are typically limited-run items, and they often feature unique artwork not seen on the normal case.

It is worth noting that “Steelbook” is a specific company that produces metal cases. Metal cases that are not produced by Steelbook are often just called that: metal cases. However, much like “Living Card Game“, the term Steelbook is ubiquitous enough among collectors to refer to any special edition metal case.

 Why are Steelbook cases special?

Let's Go Special Edition Steelbook

While Steelbooks are slightly more protective than their plastic counterparts, that’s not the main draw. Rather, Steelbook cases are special because they just look so dang cool. The metal casing forms a unique base for the artwork that makes all the colors pop, resulting in cool designs that are more aesthetically pleasing than plastic cases.

What’s more, because Steelbooks are a premium item for collectors, they often feature gorgeous artwork on both the interior and the back of the case. Without any of the usual back-of-the-box text that tries to sell you on the movie, Steelbook cases make your movies feel like art, not commercially sold products.

Why do collectors love Steelbook cases specifically?

Lego Steelbook

Steelbooks are fun for collectors because there’s no wrong way to collect them. While diehard collectors do enjoy collecting as many metal cases as they can, others only splurge for a steelbook case for games and movies they really love. This makes select films or video games stand out on a shelf, which gives them more prominence and shows that the collector has deemed this particular item special.

Collecting is all about expressing our fandom, and Steelbooks play into that mentality perfectly. Many of us have a video game or movie collection anyway, so Steelbook cases are an easy way to augment what we already have. They’re small, often affordable, and just make the movies and games we already have look cooler. Why wouldn’t collectors go crazy for them?

Should you go all in on Steelbooks?


Dragon Ball Super Broly Steelbook

At the end of the day, there’s no “right” way to collect. Some people just aren’t going to be into Steelbooks , and that’s totally fine! Even if you aren’t a collector yourself and just like seeing the cool displays other people have arranged, then you’re still plenty welcome in any collecting community.

Having said that, if you as much as grab a special edition of a game or movie you really like, you may unwittingly start your Steelbook collection. And once you realize you can get many Steelbooks for free just by pre-ordering or grabbing them as a vendor exclusive bonus, it becomes quickly addicting to hunt them down. So if you’ve got any collecting itch in you at all, consider hunting for Steelbooks or metal cases where you can. It may become your new obsession.

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