8 Most Hilarious Editions of Monopoly

Lion King Monopoly

Monopoly games for extremely niche tastes.


When it comes to board games, have any been riffed on as much as Monopoly?

The 1935 board game about making unprecedented greed fun is a staple of homes all across the world. And with that comes a crazy amount of special editions that run the gamut of every interest and hobby out there. Go to a popular college? There’s a Monopoly for that. Are you a gamer? Check out Sonic the Hedgehog and Call of Duty Monopoly. Heck, they’ve even got Monopoly for The Walking Dead and Spongebob Squarepants. The list is endless.

With so many variations of Monopoly out there, there’s inevitably some that are just… sillier than the rest. Here are 8 versions of Monopoly that we can’t believe actually exist.

Cars 2 Edition Monopoly

Cars 2 Monopoly

It’s not even Monopoly based on the wider universe of Disney and Pixar’s Cars. This is an edition of Monopoly specifically about Cars 2, because you need to make space for that inevitable Cars 3 edition of Monopoly.

Which also exists, by the way.


Bacon Monopoly

You know that one friend you have who is obsessed with bacon?

Imagine just hearing that for at least an hour.


Have you ever created a venn diagram of Monopoly fanatics and Alpaca lovers? Because evidently those circles do overlap.

This is a game that we imagine is thoroughly enjoyed by all 53,000 Alpacas in the United States.

Shih Tzu-Opoly

Have you ever looked at games like Dog-opoly and thought to yourself “wow, I like this game, but it just isn’t specific enough. If only they made a version of Monopoly catered to the one dog breed I, personally, really like and none others.”

A great game if you like dogs but have a personal vendetta against golden retrievers.


Yes, that name means exactly what you think it means. This is literally a game of Monopoly based around the Clinton family, released in the middle of Bill’s presidency.

To be fair, this is a game predominately making fun of the Clintons. But honestly I don’t think that makes this any better.

Make Your Own Opoly

Just a game that straight up says “Oh, you think it’s easy to make all these Monopoly clones? Make your own then, scrub!”

A great game to buy if you want to impress a date by naming Boardwalk after them. Or if you want to burn your roommate who never cleans up anything by naming Baltic Avenue after them. Yes, I wrote that sentence about you, Steve.

Monopoly for Millennials

This is an officially licensed Hasbro board game. Just look at it, and think deeply about how the rights holders to Monopoly literally agreed to this.

Is it for Millennials who are struggling to survive in the modern market, or is it for baby boomers who like to make fun of them? Who’s brave enough to find out?

Monopoly Socalism

There comes a pivotal moment in everyone’s life where they simply ask themselves “how do I write words regarding a real, officially licensed game called Monopoly Socalism?”

I had the privilege of attending a fancy liberal arts college, and was taught by one of the leading Hamlet scholars in the country. Do you think, at any point, we ever had a class about what you do when you encounter Monopoly Socalism? No, because that would be like a class about how to survive a UFO invasion. Or a class about how to appease ants should they become giant and rule the world as a terrifying hive mind. It is not a world we ever thought we would exist in. But I can confirm, as per Target.com, that this is a real product that you are able to buy with actual money. Today.

I am not upset that it was conceived. I am not angry that it was created. I am just woefully unqualified to even begin to analyze it. There’s just too much to unpack.

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